AI: Big Yikes!?

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 10:05am

Attempting to take a neutral position, this talk approaches the minefield that is The AI Situation. The talk will focus on two major areas, one, the ethical debate of stolen work creating the basis for the ‘brain’ of AI, how this affects creators, how it may affect jobs and how we choose to make creative work accessible in ‘public’ parts of the internet in future. The second part of the talk will put aside the concept of ‘where it comes from’ (and presuppose a future where ethically sourced AI COULD exist) and focus on how AI could work in various healthy workstreams, and how perhaps it should not (e.g. AI cannot, by definition, create anything ‘new’). The talk is informed by both AI for visuals (Midjourney etc) and written works (ChatGPT etc).

About the speaker

Moana is a Narrative Designer, Game Designer, researcher, and the Director of Path Weaver Productions – a storytelling studio dedicated to making fun experiences which can do good in society. Moana has a Masters in Anthropology looking at how games impact players, and can regularly be found up to their ears in spreadsheets. A strong believer in games which can have robots and explosions and FEELINGS, Moana advocates for enriching all games with story, and all stories with meaning.