Automate the boring parts - a practical guide to creating your own helpful tools in Unity

Date: Friday 1st September


Every project inevitably contains repetitive and trivial tasks. Building little tools to automate the boring parts allows you to free up your mental focus for the more interesting and more important parts of game development. Don’t wear yourself out, build reusable little tools that will do the work for you. In this session I’ll show you how to build custom menu items, attributes, property drawers, inspectors, asset importers, windows and ultimately combine all of those things to build entire little tools.

About the speaker

Across 18 years in the games industry Markus Hofer has shipped a triple-A MMO, released acclaimed indie games, co-founded a VR training company, created a VR modular synth and played a pioneering role in XR games and experiences as an employee of Magic Leap, Enklu and Niantic.