Brand values - actions speak louder than words.

Date: Friday 1st September


Brand values can be seen as a meaningless piece of paper that company executives float around for PR. Before joining Runaway, that was my personal experience of brand values…but then I discovered how to create brand values that were meaningful to our team, that drive and define every aspect of what we do, and have become a core differentiator for our business. Based on our story, learn about how brand values can drive meaningful day to day decisions and actions, and can become your core differentiator in the market for both products and team culture, creating a world class brand and company.

About the speaker

Zoe is the CEO at Runaway Play, an award winning mobile game developer and publisher in New Zealand. Runaway makes mobile games inspired by the natural world, and is well known for their award winning games, diversity work and positive brand and culture. Zoe has worked in game production, film production, digital media, print media and television over the last twenty years. Zoe has been awarded ‘Future Business Leader’ at the Obiz Awards and ‘Industry Pillar’ in the NZ Game Awards, and named in the ’20 Most Influential people in the NZ video gaming industry’ by the NZ Herald.