Building creative, collaborative cultures

Thursday 31 August 8:30:am – 12:00pm

In a dynamic, creative, and rapidly developing industry, building and maintaining a continuous development culture can feel crowded and complicated. The good news is that organisations don’t have to mandate every last thing. In this workshop we’ll share how they can instead foster and support the diversity of thought, creativity and collaboration within their teams so that they come up with the solutions that continue to drive and develop the business. The ‘secret’ is in applying the scientific method of action-oriented learning to developing teams’ Power Skills: the skills that allow people to connect, persuade, and harness diverse perspectives to build innovative, sustainable solutions. It’s all about enhancing people’s ability to be successful in their real world both as quickly and as lastingly as possible. In this workshop participants can explore the neuroscience of how people develop both their skills (that is their ability to do something), and their capacity (meaning their energy and willingness). After all, knowing what to do and taking action to do it are two separate things! Attendees will come away from the workshop with: • A greater understanding of their own personal communication and behavioural style – how they come across to others, how they react under pressure etc • Practical diagnostic tools to pinpoint where the people in their business are at in their development • Tailored, actionable strategies to keep their people moving up the development spiral. • An implementation plan tailored to their organisational culture and context.


PRESENTERS: Claire O’Toole and Jilly Taipua