Building the atmosphere of DREDGE through sound and music.

Date: Friday 1st September


In this talk we will be presenting the process for creating the soundscape and music design for games using DREDGE as an example. We’ll talk about how we got involved in DREDGE and how we found the overall style for music and sound design. We will discuss our design philosophy for how to integrate music and sound into game worlds effectively, as well as what challenges we faced with DREDGE, and how we overcame th

About the speakers

Mika Cornelius, or Mikatte Music, is an Auckland-based composer and sound designer. They completed their BMus Honours at the University of Auckland, specialising in Composition and Sonic Arts, during which they explored the viola as a vocal instrument and innovated methods used in planning the compositional process. Previous research has also focused on the application of constraints and RNG in the compositional process.

Mika has created sound design and music for video games, theatre, short films and podcasts. In 2022, they released the soundtrack for Her Jentle Hi-ness, a visual novel with historical and linguistic themes, and they have created sound design for Dredge, a fishing sim with a sinister undercurrent. In 2021, their soundtrack was premiered in the Auckland Fringe Festival for Coded: a one-woman play exploring female sexuality. They are involved as a composer and audio editor for Don’t Forget Your Towel, creating evocative theme songs for a wide range of TTRPGs.

David Mason is a freelance music composer and sound designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. David is the audio lead and composer for DREDGE by Black Salt Games. He is also the composer for Denari by Astronaut Diaries, and is a sound designer for the Texas-based indie studio Strange Scaffold.

David Mason is also a classical composer and specializes in orchestral and chamber composition. He has held multiple composer residencies with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and he has worked with top New Zealand ensembles and musicians, including Stroma, NZtrio, Jade String Quartet, and world champion accordionist Grayson Masefield. He completed a Master’s Degree in Music Composition at the University of Auckland in 2021.