Building UI with UI Toolkit

Date: Friday 1st September


I will be doing an overview of Unity’s latest UI-building package: UI Toolkit. The talk is aimed for people with a basic understanding of the Unity Engine, but no knowledge of UI Toolkit is necessary. I will be covering the basic concepts of the package, and best-practice for building editor and runtime UI based on my own experience as well as Unity’s documentation.

About the speaker

Mila is a gameplay programmer at Wētā Workshop with 7 years of experience in the industry across various roles. With an extensive history in research and crafting and testing hypotheses, Mila has a deep love for the unknown which means that they are all too eager to explore new and emerging technologies. With that said, Mila will tackle just about any feature thrown their way but has a soft-spot for developing AI systems and analytics.

After hours, you can find Mila at their local gym simultaneously loving and hating challenging workouts or at a local cafe, teaching their young daughter an appreciation for a good brunch spot.