Casting is 90%: Hiring and Team Building for Laya’s Horizon

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 1:55pm

It’s been said by countless directors that casting is the most important step in the filmmaking process. In games, building the right team for your project shares the same critical importance. Bringing on a single poor fit can spell headaches and unnecessary conflicts to the rest of your team. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to develop hiring protocols to help you build your dream team, sharpen your hiring instincts, and filter out the (hopefully rare) bad actors. Using the Laya’s Horizon team as a positive case study, we’ll cover how to: search for quality people, conduct effective interviews, test candidates, and integrate new members onto your team.

About the speaker

Michael Fallik is a games/VR producer, studio manager, and occasional amateur office therapist. His credits include BAFTA 2018 Game of the Year “What Remains of Edith Finch” by Giant Sparrow (published by Annapurna Interactive), 2020 Apple Design Award winner “Where Cards Fall” by The Game Band (published by Snowman), “FREE THE NIGHT VR” by Nicole McDonald (published by Jaunt/Microsoft), “Lucky Luna” by Snowman (published by Netflix), and Esquire’s Top 10 Games of 2023 So Far “Laya’s Horizon” by Snowman (published by Netflix). His games have been written up in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Guardian, IGN, Polygon, GameSpot, The Verge, TechCrunch, and Pocket Gamer, among many others. Michael’s passion and specialty is in shepherding the creative process through the many challenges that arise during production, supported by his own creative practice. He is an alum of the 2016 Stugan Accelerator/Residency in Sweden, and the 2019 Sundance New Frontier Story Lab. Michael’s love of interactive media stems from the belief that video games can and should be a positive force in our broader culture, deserving of aesthetic intention and conceptual rigor. An Israeli-American residing in Wellington, New Zealand. He is currently Executive Producer at [Snowman](