Creating an Effective Hybrid and Remote Work Culture

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 3:30pm

Coming out of almost 3 years of covid restrictions, many workplaces have adopted remote, flexi and hybrid work policies. Can New Zealand Gaming studios also embrace this change or should they adopt a more traditional approach to work (typical onsite 9-5 roles)? Mytona enabled remote, flexi and hybrid work policies back in 2019, since then we work with professionals from around the world in 15 different time zones. After 4 years of adopting remote, flexi and hybrid work policies- what has Mytona learned? How can our learned lessons create a successful/ positive hybrid and remote work culture for New Zealand Gaming Studios.

About the speaker

Rhea has been working in Human Resources for 5 years, and has been a part of the tech and gaming industry for 2 years. She is an HR Generalist and is passionate about inciting positive changes and improving workplace morale and productivity. In her spare time she enjoys playing Jack Box Games, Tennis and dabbles in Pottery- Rhea is keen and excited to represent Mytona at the NZGDC.