WORKSHOP: Designing Modular Storyworlds

Thursday 31 August 1:00pm – 4:30pm

What happens when we move beyond linear and branching narratives and start to think about storytelling as an act of co-creation between author, player and system? This workshop will cover the fundamentals of modular narrative design for open world RPGs and simulated storyworlds where there is a strong emphasis on stories being assembled dynamically by players as they explore.

We’ll look at different forms of narrative sequencing, methods for content gating and selection and experiment with game mechanics that amplify interesting connections between stories and stats. Participants will come away with a toolkit of design principles and techniques to achieve expressive emergent narratives that can surprise and delight players, while not giving up a strong authorial voice and creative control.

No deep technical knowledge or programming experience is assumed, but some game design, narrative design or fiction writing skill would be beneficial.

Presenter: Mark Rickerby