Don't wait! Learn Godot today!

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 4:55pm

The games industry is more than just Unity and Unreal. There’s also a thriving, vibrant ecosystem of creative tools and technologies in the open source world, including the (quite frankly) astonishingly, unreasonable powerful Godot Engine. Godot is entirely free, open source, has basically every feature you need to make games on par with the big players, is a 100MB download, and runs on hardware you might otherwise retire. The recent release of Godot 4.0 has brought even more polish, accessibility, and power to this amazing project. This session will give you a rapid-fire, live coding introduction to Godot, from the perspective of someone familiar with another engine. We’ll build a game together in 50 minutes, and learn what makes Godot tick, and why you, or your studio, might care.

About the speaker

Paris Buttfield-Addison is a producer at Secret Lab, a game development studio based in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Secret Lab builds games and game development tools, including the BAFTA- and IGF-winning Night in the Woods, and ABC Play School Games, Qantas games, and the wildly popular Yarn Spinner narrative game framework, used in tens of thousands of games built around around the world, including the award-winning A Short Hike, Lost in Random, Dredge, and Button City, among many others. Paris formerly worked as a software engineer, and product manager for Meebo, which was acquired by Google. He has a degree in medieval history, a PhD in Computing, and writes technical books on machine learning, programming, and game development for O’Reilly Media. He can be found on Twitter @parisba and online at