Driving Growth and Happiness: Empowering Teams through Experimental Projects and Learning Initiatives

Date: Friday 1st September


Growing as a company requires investing in growing our people, happy people mean better work, better work means infinite amounts of good things. In this talk I’ll run through the trials, errors and learnings we’ve experienced along the way to creating frameworks that empower the people in our studio to work on their own experimental projects and learning initiatives. Focussing in on our annual hackweek and anytime project initiatives, I’ll round up the talk with the tips and tricks that have enabled our studio to safely expand knowledge, experiment and learn, providing value to both themselves as individuals and the company as a whole.

About the speaker

Julieanne is a Senior Producer at CerebralFix, a Christchurch-based game studio that creates mobile and digital location-based experiences for clients like Disney, Universal, DreamWorks, and Pixar. Julieanne started in the immersive storytelling industry over a decade ago as a Theatre Director and Set Designer. She has a double degree in Fine Arts (Film and Theatre) and completed a masters degree in Interactive Digital Media at the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. Passionate about the arts, she is a practicing artist who regularly creates interactive digital art installations which have been exhibited and played with by thousands at sites around the globe, including NZ, America, Spain, Germany and Italy. After working as Digital Producer in the photography industry in Spain for many years, she returned to New Zealand in 2016, finding her dream role in project management in the creative tech sector.