Fireside chat with Co-Founder – Jachin Bhasme.

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 11:55am

Fireside chat with Jachin (Co-Founder & COO) from Hosted by Shane Tracey-O’Connell (Startup & AWS for Games BD @ Amazon Web Services). Discussions could include “Generative AI & the Evolving Landscape of Content Creation”, and the evolution of generative AI, its profound impact on industries and how generative AI is transforming game development. We’ll also cover the story of Leonardo and provide insights into how Leonardo’s suite of tools intervene in breaking down barriers of creativity, and enable game developers to achieve style-consistency, speed and scalability.

 About the speaker

Jachin is the Chief Operating Officer at Leonardo Ai, an AI-driven content production suite focused on empowering creators worldwide. Beyond managing operations, he contributes significantly to building and shaping technological capabilities that are disrupting conventional design processes. Also passionate about AI and gaming, his professional journey encompasses varied roles in the fintech sector, participation in game development, and spearheading the introduction of key platform features in Leonardo Ai. Jachin’s expertise spans operational management, AI technology, community-building, and championing human-centered approaches in AI practices.

About Leonardo:
Leonardo Ai, is an AI powered content production suite designed to revolutionise the creative process for creators across diverse sectors, with a current focus on game development. Born out of the challenges encountered in a game studio, including high production costs, long development cycles, and the limitations on creative exploration, Leonardo was built with the belief that generative AI can break the established norms, offering a balance between cost, quality and speed

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