FORCE MULTIPLIERS: Getting the most from your Community Manager

Date: Friday 1st September


This panel will be a roundtable style discussion on how community managers, ranging from mobile, PC and console experiences, are integrated across different departments within a game development team. Topics that will be covered include: – CM + QA for player support – CM + player support for better data for QA – CM + tech for organizing tests and then providing feedback to tech teams when players attempt to break it. – CM + design for organizing tests of new features or providing feedback on live features for a better design process. The intended audience for this panel range from but are not limited to: – Developers who may be new to working with CMs. – Developers who don’t know how to work effectively with their CMs. – Developers who are thinking of hiring their first CM and how to best support them in their role.

About the speaker

Lisa is the Narrative Director and Co-Director of Atawhai Interactive, an indie video game studio based in Ōtepoti, New Zealand. She teaches game design and production part-time at Te Pūkenga Otago Polytechnic and co-teaches ENGL251: Creative Writing for Games and Interactive Media at Otago University. Previously Lisa was the Narrative Designer and the Community Director for award winning developer Runaway Play.

Libby is a Junior Community Manager working at Runaway Play. She graduted in 2021 and then entered the games industry in 2022, after joining the Runaway team. She has experience in community management and social media.

Aditia Hasib (she/her) is a Community Manager at Runaway Play. She started in the games industry in 2018 and has since then worked across 7 different IPs, ranging from mobile titles to a title on PC (Steam). Aditia’s expertise is in community management, organic indie games marketing, and utilising social media to foster game communities.

Casey Lucas-Quaid is an award-winning author, games writer, and community manager based in Pōneke.

Bailey (They/Them) is an Experienced Community Manager at PikPok, They have been in the industry since 2019 working across customer support and community before fully transition to a community manager role in 2020. Their main focus title is Rival Stars Horse Racing which has audiences on both mobile (iOS & Android) and PC (Steam).