From mods to markets: When and how to turn your passion into a job

Date: Friday 1st September


Covering off when and how you should take the step from doing passion project modding for other games, to making a full blown commercial game. At what point should you make this decision, how do you go about it, and what are the ramifications.

About the speakers

Shannon O’Neill is an experienced Doom modder and content creator that stumbled her way into the indie game community and now makes memes that make money for Hellforge Studios.

Edward Richardsonis a Doom mapper and modder best known for his work on the ZDoom netcode. His programming experience in Doom brought him to Nightdive Studios, where he now works on projects like Strife: Veteran Edition, Turok & Turok 2 mobile ports, and various Nightdive classic remasters.

Antony “Bridgeburner” Silver has been heavily involved in the classic Doom mapping scene since 2018. Bridgeburners maps have won multiple awards.  Their specialty is level design.

Max Waine is a talented programmer who is most known for his work with the Eternity source port for Doom, who now works as part of the Kex team at Nightdive Studios, developing projects like Blood: Fresh Supply, SiN Gold, Quake Classic Remaster, and PowerSlave: Exhumed.


Sam Prebble started out as a modder, creating custom maps for games like Doom 2. Mostly self taught, he has worked for many studios over the years, including Weta Digital, Rocketwerkz and A44 Games. His background in modding eventually lead to the creation of the horror game Total Chaos in 2018, powered by a modified version of the Doom engine. His most recent game is Turbo Overkill, released on Steam in August 2023.