From TV to Games as a 2D Artist

Date: Friday 1st September


A brief presentation on our experiences working in the TV and Games industry as 2D Artists. Providing context to the different roles and responsibilities we worked in and how they differentiate or overlap with one another. We will also discuss what worked for us from our personal experiences and we hope to give guidance to anyone interested in either role.

About the speakers

Lea is a 2D Game Artist working at the lovely CerebralFix down in Christchurch. Her passion is anything to do with drawing. She have dabbled in Animation, Storyboarding, Concepting, Illustrating and Creating game assets. You can often find her tabeling at art conventions across NZ, where she sells her own illustrations and comics.

Joe is a 2D Game Artist that is working for the fantastic games company, CerebralFix. Joe studied Digital Media and has worked for several Animation studios as a Storyboard Artist and Animator before starting in the games industry.