Games, Film, Platforms & Interactivity: A Convergence of Media and Opportunity

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 2:15pm

This talk is about the convergence in platforms, content, and experiences between games, film, interactive media, virtual and augmented realities, etc. It examines how the platforms to create these kinds of experiences are converging (i.e. virtual production, 3D engines, virtual worlds, etc.) – how the content between these spaces increasingly overlaps (i.e. story universes, character and IP, music and theme, etc. flow from one kind of content to the next based on audience expectation and desires), and how new media forms are colliding (i.e. concerns and movies inside games and virtual worlds, interactivity and choice-based content growing inside more traditional linear forms, etc.) This is a reprise of a keynote presentation I gave to the International Association of of Cinema, Audiovisual, and Media Schools (CILECT) in 2022, and that was a core pillar of the design of the Digital Screen Campus at the University of Canterbury (2020-2025).

About the speaker

Dr. Andrew “Andy” Phelps is an artist, designer, and professor in the Film & Media Arts division of the School of Communication, holds a joint appointment in the Department of Computer Science, and is the director of the AU Game Center at American University in Washington DC, USA, exploring games as tools for education, art, and interactive media experiences. He was formerly a professor at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory NZ (HITLabNZ) within the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and was also the inaugural Programme Director of the Digital Screen Campus centered on the intersection and convergence of film, games, and virtual production. Prior to these appointments he served as a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology as the founding director of the School of Interactive Games & Media, the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity, and MAGIC Spell Studios. Phelps is also currently president of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA). His latest games are The Witch’s Way (, 2021) and Fragile Equilibrium (XBOX, Steam, 2019), and he maintains a website of his publications, popular writing, artwork, curriculum development, and more at