Generative AI: Putting the power in PLAYERS’ hands

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 9:25am

What if we take the power of Generative AI tools like Stable Diffusion and Google PaLM and put them into the hands of PLAYERS? At 2UP Games, that’s what we’ve been doing throughout 2023. “What the Draw?!” is live on mobile platforms, and we’ve built a handful of prototypes. This talk shares what we’ve learnt so far:

● What new things can we do for players with Generative AI?

● What are the challenges in building a game with real-time AI?

● What is the cultural impact of using AI in your game studio?

● How do players feel about AI?

● What tools and tech do we use?

About the speaker

Joe is the CEO of 2UP Games. We make games which unleash player creativity through generative AI. 2UP Games is a 9-person fully remote studio based in New Zealand and Australia. Our debut AI-empowered game “What the Draw?!” is in soft launch now. Prior to founding 2UP Games in 2020, Joe was the founding product person at Space Ape Games. He helped grow the studio from a scrappy group of 10, to a 100-person studio responsible for Beatstar (the #1 music game of all time), Samurai Siege, and Transformers: Earth Wars.