Giving A Heart To The Alien

Date: Friday 1st September


Story drives player retention, and great stories are entirely about great characters. Leveraging my background as a novelist, comedian, actor, vocal performance director and a game writer with an 11-year career across mobile and AAA I intend to ensure that every attendee leaves with an adjusted appreciation of the importance of story in games, for practical and emotional reasons, as well as a mental toolkit that will allow them to begin creating believable and affecting characters of their own. The aim is for each attendee to leave inspired and empowered to create characters who players love to spend time with – and who will be remembered long after the final level.

About the speaker

11-year games industry veteran and published novelist. Remedy alum (Quantum Break) and Digital Extremes (Warframe) lead writer and voice director. Received good notes from the likes of Neil Gaiman. Australian, has worked extensively overseas. I’ve also done work in the mobile space. I come from a performance background. TTRPGs got me started as a writer.