Giving the Players what they Want: Developing Data-Driven Narratives

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 1:55pm

In this talk, we’ll explore how data doesn’t have to be as divorced from the creative process as many of us might think. There are plenty of myths of how data might restrict creativity – that it might be the enemy of art – but how do we write stories for ourselves, or our audiences, without understanding who we’re writing for?

This isn’t about going over dry numbers and percentages, but instead, we’ll be looking at how these kinds of insights better avoid our own biases in the stories we hope to tell. How do we use these learnings as a foundation for anchoring the audience – the source of our data – at the heart of our work? In short, we’re looking at how taking the time to know your audience can lay the foundation for a stronger narrative.

The talk covers:
– Debunking myths about how data restricts creativity in storytelling
– A brief overview of how data and research can enhance storytelling
– The importance of a data-driven mindset in the gaming industry
– Writing and designing for your audience, not just for yourself
– It doesn’t always work – turning mistakes into creative opportunities
– Examples of a some successful titles that used data to improve their narrative

About the speaker

Sarah Daymond is a seasoned storyteller with over a decade of experience captivating audiences. Her love for games and writing led her to become a Narrative Designer at PikPok, where she focuses on designing engaging and thought-provoking characters and missions for mobile games. Outside of work, she’s an avid LARPer, tabletop gamer, poet, novelist, screenwriter, and theatre enthusiast, and is constantly exploring new ways to bring stories to life.