How I learned to Earthbend (using Shaders & Math)

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 2:15pm

This talk covers a particularly interesting solution to a challenge we were faced with on a project. As the title suggests the problem involves manipulating 3D space and time in interesting ways in a very visual manner. The talk is intended to primarily be interesting and to introduce some useful concepts, but not attempt to go too in depth into the mathematics. Additional resources will be provided at the end for those who would like to delve deeper. As such, most people should enjoy the talk (even if just for the pretty visuals). People who are interested in mathematics and computer graphics will receive enough information to go away and learn more. The content itself is not overly complex, but is likely to be fairly novel to many audience members. The slides will primarily consist of short animations and very small snippets of code/math.

About the speaker

Alex is a homegrown kiwi developer with a passion for software architecture and technical art. Alex isn’t sure what he’d being doing if it weren’t game development, but he’d surely be a lot richer and a lot less happy. If this is a general question about me: I’ve been making games for 15 years, 4 years professionally. I love everything about game dev, the creativity and the people are fantastic. I spoke last year at NZGDC and had a great time. I like ants, I think koalas are vastly overrated, and I strongly believe that The Man From Uncle is a fantastic movie and they should have named it something else because it did not deserve to flop.