How Narrative and UX go hand in hand

Date: Friday 1st September


Narrative and User Experience are deeply intertwined, components of game design, Using these practices in tandem can help developers create more engaging games. This talk will explore how Runaway uses UX and Narrative Design to create meaningful and engaging games. Stef will discuss how these disciplines work together, and how to effectively complement and reinforce aspects of a game using these different design approaches. This can include: – Guiding and engaging the player experience using narrative elements, – Reinforcing and delivering story with well-designed UX/UI, – Using user research to help guide narrative design decisions

About the speaker
Stef is a UX/UI Designer at Runaway Play, the Creative Director of NZGF and a strong supporter of the rule of threes. At Runaway he works on updates to live games, as well as on upcoming titles. A design generalist in an indie studio he enjoys working on UX, UI, system and narrative design. Outside of games, he has worked on a variety of media projects including interactive exhibitions, XR projects and a masters thesis on digital street art.