How Not To Fear Change; The Wisdom in Motivationals

Embrace the timeless wisdom of Motivational Posters as we delve into the intricate interplay of learning, change, and success. Journey with Nadia as she tries to unravel the enigma of personal growth through self-reflection and turning fear of change into an advantage.
About the speaker
It’s not just what you craft, but how you craft it. Nadia is a seasoned game producer and studio head with over a decade of experience in the industry. At the end of 2020 she ended her tenure as General Manager of NZ Aotearoa’s largest work-for-hire game studio and, taking everything she had learned about games and game makers, ventured into indie games with a small team of talented developers and a plan. Two years later, Black Salt Games made a splash on the scene with the launch of debut title, DREDGE, and now she can’t wait to do it all again with future titles and studios.