How to Become a Successful 3D Generalist

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 1:20–2:50pm

Speaker: Nathan Farquhar
Ever wonder how someone can end up working on projects ranging from films to Fortnite?
Join Nathan Farquhar from Wētā FX as he deep dives into his own journey to become a
successful Generalist, complete with case studies, insights and tips along the way.
Nathan will share an overview of his career story which has spanned across cross-industry
work in games, visual effects and real-time projects. He will talk about why being a
Generalist, in particular his most recent focus on Unreal, has been a tremendous asset for
building skills and a successful career. Sharing his personal approach to learning and
maintaining skills, Nathan will explain how Generalists fit into different creative teams and
businesses, and why they are so valuable. Case studies include the Meerkat short film,
recent UEFN projects and more.