Intellectual Property and Generative AI

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 9:25am

Generative AI technologies are evolving rapidly, and can be used for every part of game development including writing code, generating art, sounds and music, textures, 3D models etc. The talk is aimed at briefly covering what is available to game developers (for those not already aware) and runs through some of potential concerns with their use, both from a legal and ethical perspective. The main goal of the talk is to provide some practical advice to game developers using, or thinking about using AI generation in terms of what they should be aware of, and what precautions they need to take.

About the speaker

Sam is a game developer, electronic engineer, and a registered trans-Tasman patent attorney. Earlier this year, he released hi first solo-developed, commercial game on Steam, however he has been interested in and tinkering with game development ever since his family first got a computer (when he was about 10). Sam is currently working on porting his PC game to Android, and tinkering with some procedural generation techniques for his next project. Sam’s unique set of skills has lead him down a career of advising New Zealand businesses on what their options are to get their ideas off the ground, funded and protected. Sam isĀ  acutely aware of the resource constraints that many developers are under, and provides practical, no-nonsense advice on where time and resources can be best spent to provide the best chances of success.