Killing it in the first hour of a game jam

Date: Saturday 12nd September

Time: 9:00am

How to increase your odds to ship a game jam with 47 hours left to spare. Techniques and Tips from a veteran who’s had 88 teammates across 37 game jams; has jammed in person, remotely, on location; has jammed with coworkers, randoms, solo. Building or joining a team Aligning expectations Brainstorming Deciding on one idea Deciding on first steps

About the speaker

Olivier is trying to make the most fun Roguelike Deckbuilders for Steam. He has been in games since 2007 & values player feedback and iteration highly. Olivier loves a good game jam despite not being the “talented one”.  Olivers experience Includes:

  • Founder @ Big Adventure
  • Product Manager @ PikPok
  • Localization Quality Assurance Manager @ Keywords/Babel
  • Test Lead @ Keywords/VMC

Track record:

  • F2P Mobile MoM revenue +66% after 1 year
  • Released new IP on time, on budget, for Apple Arcade platform launch
  • Managed > 200 employees (at a time)
  • Mentored > 100 leaders Product Managed = 5 games
  • Delivered LQA > 300 games
  • Delivered FQA > 30 games
  • Jammed > 35 game jams