Legal lifecycle of a gamedev studio: When to see a lawyer and when to DIY

Date: Friday 1st September


Getting the legal stuff right is important when starting your own studio, so this talk will outline the key steps to take along the way. Wade will explain the common triggers for when you should see a lawyer and when you can handle some legal things by yourself. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the vital legal touchpoints and be armed with the knowledge of how and when to effectively engage with a lawyer along your gamedev journey (so that you can focus on the “fun stuff”).

About the speaker

Wade Pearson is a commercial and technology lawyer at law firm Gallaway Cook Allan. He is also a PC & board gamer and Chair of Startup Dunedin (a non-profit trust that helps grow Dunedin’s startup ecosystem). His experience covers contracts, investment, publishing, technology, intellectual property and more.