Leveling the Playing Field: Maximizing Twitch Performance for Any Genre Game

Date: Friday 1st September


Success on Twitch can mean all the difference for a game, so knowing the state of the industry is pivotal for teams of all sizes, and games of any genre. We will go straight into analyzing recent viral hits, as well as new tools that give developers an edge when competing for streamer’s attention. Outcomes for this talk are;
1. A comprehensive understanding of the key strategies and techniques required to attract Twitch streamers to their games, regardless of the genre or perceived suitability of their titles.
2. Insights into the motivations and desires of Twitch streamers, enabling developers to create experiences that align with streamers’ preferences and maximize their potential for engagement and exposure.
3. Awareness of the state of the streaming industry and emerging trends, along with knowledge of the latest tools and opportunities that can be leveraged by developers of all sizes to create successful streaming partnerships and reach a global audience.

About the speaker

Kenny is an award-winning game designer, developer, and Twitch partner with global experience in the Games, Animation, and VFX businesses. His Xbox game, “I, Hope” was selected by U.S. Congress and EU Parliament for demonstration in their Games for Good initiative in 2018/ Since then., Kenny has been involved in the serious games and medical industries, cutting edge AR/VR, and most recently, founding November Games, a game studio and platform company aimed at maximizing streaming performance for games of any size. A published author and speaker at conferences world-wide, Kenny aims to share knowledge and collaborate to raise inclusion in the industry.