Making you a VR Rockstar: Writing a hit song that everbody can drum to.

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 10:55am

In this talk, I will discuss our task of creating a music track for the virtual band “Toads to Knowhere” for the drumming game segment in the game Wanderer. We will delve into the band’s origin, the process of composing the music, design considerations and our efforts to ensure it was an intuitive and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

About the speaker

James is a highly acclaimed Sound Designer and composer with an extensive background in the audio industry spanning over a decade. For the past five years, he has dedicated his expertise to the realm of gaming, operating his own game audio studio called Akau Audio. Throughout his career, James has contributed to a diverse array of games, including Wanderer (Best Awards winner, VR Awards Finalist, Raindance Immersive Award), Before We Leave (Pav award for Audio and Music), Oat The Goat (Silver Axis Award for Audio, Icarus Survive.