NZ Plays Launch

Date: Friday 1st September


New Zealand Plays is the eighth in a series of national studies that began in 2010 to document the audience for video games and explore the behaviours, preferences, and attitudes of video game players in New Zealand.

In this talk, Prof. Brand will discuss the survey of 800 NZ homes and over 2,000 New Zealanders in those homes to canvas the role of video games in NZ society in 2023.

Key features of the report and talk include time-series data for the changing audience of video games and how New Zealanders use games for entertainment and well-being. we play in a large majority, and we play for good reasons. In past reports, we have shown New Zealanders play to learn, play to grow their families, play to age well, play for social connection, and play for relief from modern stresses.

Want to learn more about New Zealand Plays? Check out the previous report.


Presenter Prof. Jeff Brand

Jeff Brand is Professor of Communication and Media at Bond University in Queensland Australia where he serves as Deputy Chair of its Academic Senate and Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Society and Design. His research focuses on interactive media audience demographics and their behaviours and attitudes.