PANEL: Interaction: When Film Meets Games

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 10:55 -11:45am

What lessons about interactivity are film producers learning from the game development industry, as our
tools and creations dovetail?

We’re interested in talking about how game studios help film producers delve into the production of interactive content from a design and production perspective.

We will tackle the role of game and interactivity designers in the creation of interactive content, and how
they bridge the gap between ideas, creative direction, programming and other disciplines.  We will also
discuss game production pipelines, iterative processes, and the emergent creative products that come
from making something that is meant to be played with.

Mhairead Connor from Wētā Workshop is an Art Manager with a film background. James Everett from
Niantic NZ is a Creative Director with a strong history in game design and interactivity.  Sam Cook from
Artifact 5 runs a team that works with film clients who want to build games and experiences.