People More, People Weirder, People Better

Date: Friday 1st September


A harsh truth of game development is that all of your craft, expertise, and learning breaks down if you don’t have good collaboration. And all the techniques on facilitation, meeting hosting, and alignment break down if you don’t understand people. This comically simple yet (hopefully) deeply truthful talk will touch on the complexities, techniques, and opportunities to build trust, grow your influence, and become an advocate for yourself and others. With real examples and simple exercises, audiences should come away with advice they can start practicing immediately to build their own soft skills and thus better teams.

About the speaker

Rick helped originate the Design Manager role at PikPok, and founded and grew their narrative team. A prolific speaker, Rick has presented at PAX, Big Screen Symposium, GenCon, Dramatists Guild, artistic workshops, game dev meetups, and most NZ universities. Rick was a keynote speaker at FINS, New Zealand’s first games narrative conference. But even in design and narrative, Rick’s work is mostly about people – helping them connect, care, and collaborate.