Poetics of Virtual space : Architecture for Virtual Worlds

Date: Friday 1st September


Creative Director Imery Watson unveils the infinite possibilities of architecture in virtual worlds. With 25 years of expertise, he imparts valuable tips and tricks to create immersive moments in games and films. Geared towards knowledge-seeking students and industry experts alike, Imery explains his methodologies through case studies. Through real examples from his film work and the upcoming virtual world project Gravitale by Beyond, Imery reveals how architecture profoundly influences players’ in-game experiences. From setting the mood to establishing tone and atmosphere, he explores the hidden depths of symbolic elements and the narrative potential they hold. More than an educational experience, this talk ignites creativity and provides insights to maintain immersion while avoiding common pitfalls that disrupt player and viewer experiences. Crafters of believable virtual worlds for film or games will find inspiration and guidance in Imery’s expertise.

About the speaker

Imery Watson is a concept designer and art director with over 20 years of experience in film, games, and VR. Currently serving as the Creative Director at Wellington-based game development company, Beyond, Imery brings a wealth of knowledge gained from a diverse background in the film industry to their virtual-world-building projects. Originally hailing from New Zealand, Imery has also worked extensively in London and Los Angeles, contributing to renowned projects such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Batman Begins, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In his role at Beyond, Imery played a pivotal role in the sell-out digital collection of Fluf Burrows. He is currently leading the art team’s efforts in producing Gravitale—a unique virtual-world game space.