Quacking the Code: User Research in the Development of Clusterduck

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 11:55am

Within PikPok Clusterduck is known as the weird little demonic engine that could. In this session Josh will discuss the ways in which User Research helped Clusterduck’s team better understand their audience and help guide their development process. The talk will examine the different questions that arise during development and the different methods and approaches that can help to answer these questions.

About the speaker

Josh has been a User Researcher at PikPok for the past 3 years. His team helps game developers understand their players using a range of methods including usability testing, diary studies, and surveys. Josh brings a strong background in qualitative research and analysis to his role as well as a passion for collaboration and helping teams to produce the best possible experiences for their players. In particular Josh is interested in topics related to the overlap of culture and UX, accessibility, and anything even remotely intriguing.