Radio Plays as Games: navigating challenges and affordances of creative voices

Date: Friday 1st September


We share our experience in designing interactive radio plays for Grabbit, under contract with Google. We’ll talk about the challenges we faced in this unique medium and working with a diverse group of creatives with different experience levels. We’ll outline our creative decision-making process, including collaborative table-reads and robust documentation, to leverage the medium’s affordances and foster the growth of unique voices. This relates to Spreading Our Roots, as we’ll talk about the mature NZ industry, giving opportunities from funding bodies, ability to quickly assemble a freelance teams, and implementing mature organisational processes.

About the speakers

Rich has designed 30+ games across various mediums. His diverse and award-nominated works include audio adventures, festivals, immersive theatre, tabletop, and transformational games for organisations. Rich is also in a teaching and learning leadership role for the Creative Arts and Industries faculty at the University of Auckland.

Miranda is a senior learning designer with a passion for interactive stories, scenario-based learning and game design. She has over 15 years’ experience working on incredibly diverse projects in the digital learning and edugame space. She currently combines work at Auckland Council with PhD study on the design of interactive fiction games for education, based at AUT’s Language and Culture.