Round Table Discussion

Date: Saturday 2nd September


This is your chance to join the conversation!

A roundtable discussion, involves people from many different perspectives, joining the conversations which is managed by a moderator who keeps the conversation going.

At the end of the discussion, the moderator will present a summary of the discussion

There will be 2 round table discussions happening in parallel

1.  Technological Convergence: Blurring Lines Between Film and Games:
As technology advances, the line between film and game development is becoming increasingly blurred. This topic would delve into the use of technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and real-time rendering in both sectors, and how they are reshaping the way stories are told and experienced.
An outcome of this discussion  is to have an outline of what “converging” could look like and  needs to be done to get things moving.
2.  Immersive Storytelling Across Mediums
This topic delves into the evolving landscape of narrative techniques in film, television, screen, and game development. Participants can discuss how storytelling transcends traditional boundaries and adapts to various platforms, from linear narratives to interactive experiences.
The outcome from this discussion will be to have ideas and stories shared between participants of the discussion, expanding participants knowledge