Saving Time and Sanity With the Whiteboarding Process

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 10:30am

This talk covers tools and processes for planning feature implementation. The aim is to reduce suffering by improving communication, guiding implementation, and aligning team vision. If you don’t already have regular and robust planning sessions with your team, I’ll try give you some tools. We will talk about some diagramming techniques, communication must haves, and when to schedule sessions. If you already have a solid planning process you’ll probably find the talk rather boring; go get a coffee instead.

About the speaker

Alex is a homegrown kiwi developer with a passion for software architecture and technical art. Alex isn’t sure what he’d being doing if it weren’t game development, but he’d surely be a lot richer and a lot less happy. If this is a general question about me: I’ve been making games for 15 years, 4 years professionally. I love everything about game dev, the creativity and the people are fantastic. I spoke last year at NZGDC and had a great time. I like ants, I think koalas are vastly overrated, and I strongly believe that The Man From Uncle is a fantastic movie and they should have named it something else because it did not deserve to flop.