Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulations with Unity

Did you know that all your game engine, game development skills are useful for another industry? You’re a clever egg, so you probably suspected as much. But I’m here to prove it to you. In this session, we’ll explore the use of Unity for Simulation and Synthesis in the wider world, beyond games. Unity is a great game engine, we all know that, but it’s also a great engine to simulate bits of the real world with. Using its simulation features, you can build environments to test all sorts of complex machine learning problems without having to build costly, complex, real-world robots or self-driving cars to test them with. Simulate the world in Unity, and train the robot brains you need virtually. We’ll learn the basics of machine learning (no prior experience, or maths, needed, I promise!) and look at how your Unity and game development skills can be transferred to a whole new field. Machine learning is fun and accessible in a game engine, and it makes a great showcase for your skills. Learn it here.

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