Raise the Stakes! (How to build narrative frameworks for maximum emotional impact)

Do you want to raise the stakes of your story? Have maximum emotional impact in the fastest time (or lowest budget ) possible? If so, this talk is for you! Stories and their impact have become an integral part of videogames, one that can seem intimidating to studios that haven’t produced narrative rich titles in the past. The good news is that while writing a game can seem overwhelming, the process can be broken down by writers to create a story that is meaningful, tight, and refined. This talk will explore how planning and documentation can greatly impact the strength of a game’s narrative. By breaking down a story into sections and clearly outlining emotional beats, potential character development, and the impact of a decision on the world, writers (and non writers) are able to communicate their ideas more clearly to studio heads and stakeholders while improving the overall structure of a game’s narrative. This talk will provide templates that team’s can take and implement straight away, while explaining how and why to use them. This talk aims at empowering studio’s to view narrative design in a more analytical way that greatly benefits the overall strength and emotional impact of a game’s narrative design.

Story and Narrative


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