The Player and the Pentacle: Folkloric Motifs for Narrative Design

Folklore is a genre that at its heart, is all about intimacy and immediacy. It’s not about looking outside ourselves, rather it’s about looking in. By encouraging players to take part in the ever-growing world of folklore, we can connect them to ideas that previously, they may never have considered, helping them to empathize with people and causes they’ve opposed or ignored in the past. In this talk, Narrative Designer and Transmedia storyteller Nick Jones, shares his personal narrative design model, developed through PhD research, in collaboration with other experts in the field. The Player and the Pentacle offers a new way of considering world building in your game, but more importantly, how to create a player character that your audience can, in Nick’s words: cohabitate with. This “cohabitation” leads to greater levels of player immersion and increased longevity for your creative IP or brand.

Story and Narrative


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