Unity ArtEngine and PlasticSCM

This workshop will be in two parts. One on ArtEngine and using a materials processing system with an example based AI workflow and also one on Asset Management and Version control of content created and games using the PlasticSCM product.

ArtEngine is an AI assisted art creation tool that helps you create ultra-realistic materials using AI-assisted artistry. 2D and 3D Artists and Art Directors can advance their material creation by harnessing the power of an example-based workflow. The complete tool including the new Style Transfer features will be demonstrated and presented in detail by Victor Kam and Brian Gaffney.

Included in this session will be a detailed overview of PlasticSCM and the Gluon UI for Game Version control and version control over material processing templates and associated node templates associated with the game versions. This product will be presented and discussed by Francisco Monteverde and how it can plug directly into a Unity or any game engine workflow.

Art Programming and QA Workshop


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