Where these roads are going, we don’t need physics

In September 2019, PikPok released Agent Intercept – a spy-car driving, shooting, and transforming-into-a-boat game for Apple Arcade (since then there has been another two years of active development, and an expansion to Steam). This talk covers the exploration of game mechanics that we undertook during development, and the way that a focus on the superspy experience ultimately led us to choose not to use any sort of physics engine. It also covers the consequences that our choice resulted in – both the disappointing restrictions and the surprisingly delightful opportunities. The talk will not be overly technical, though I may briefly mention kinematic equations with loving enthusiasm. It will be suitable for programmers and designers of every level, especially those with an interest in empowering gameplay or how constraints can help or hinder development. Or people who regularly interact with designers who say things like ‘I want the car to drive up the side of a rocket while the rocket flies into space’.

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