An untapped gold mine of solo Print & Play

An untapped gold mine of solo Print & Play

August 19, 2022 from 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Denis Phoenix

Talk Description

In this talk Denis shares his experience with discovering and exploring the rich world of solo Print & Play games and the tools their designers use to create unforgettable gaming experiences in a constricted medium of a black-and-white page. Print & Play designers have to be selective with their choice of game mechanics and components, creative with their use of ludonarrative, and innovative in finding ways to maintain player engagement. Denis will analyze some of the most succesful and creative games that stood out to the global tabletop community, what was so unique about their designers’ choices, and how you can add these techniques to your design arsenal.

Talk Takeaways

The talk is aimed at anyone interested in game design and looking to expand their design toolkit, as well as increase their awareness and understanding of this niche game genre.
The talk will present examples of creative decisions and innovative approaches within a constricted PnP design framework, in the hope of inspiring designers across varied game genres and platforms.

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