Art School VS Self-taught – Two pathways to employment

Art School VS Self-taught – Two pathways to employment

August 20, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Aaron Simon, Dora de Norie

Talk Description

We would like to compare the experiences of a formal education versus self-directed learning when pursuing a career in Game Development. These lessons are contextualized for Artists but can be applied to any discipline. We believe our experience would be hugely beneficial to the next generation.

Dora de Norie and Aaron Simon have been working in the industry for a combined 5 years as Artists and Animators at CerebralFix in Christchurch. We would like to share our modern examples of what we needed to get employed.

We would be offering two perspectives that often go unvoiced or unnoticed. Dora is an immigrant from Brazil studied digital art at Ara Institute and was one of the few women in her class. Aaron whakapapas to Tainui and after studying mechanical engineering he decided to pursue art.

We would like to compare our two educational experiences, what brought us success and ways that students who are either self-taught or pursuing formal education can make the most of their time.

Talk Takeaways

Dora and Aaron explore the benefits and challenges between a formal education and self-directed learning when building the skills needed to enter the games industry. This talk will benefit students, and those looking to make a career change – and will broaden their understanding on how to maximize the benefits of either educational approach.

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