Digital Sculpting 101: How to get good at sculpting

Digital Sculpting 101: How to get good at sculpting

August 19, 2022 from 1:30 pm to 2:20 pm

Speaker: James Doyle

Talk Description

Digital sculpting in programs such as Zbrush is an incredibly powerful way of modelling high fidelity characters, creatures, props and environments and has become an almost essential part of any 3D modeller’s toolkit. It’s hard though! In this talk I’ll show some techniques and methods that will help people just starting out on their digital sculpting journey as well as help more advanced sculptors to refine their craft.
I’ll discuss some dos and don’ts of the sculpting process and talk about the importance of drawing to any sculptors practice.

Talk Takeaways

This presentation will cover some fundamentals ideas concerning digital sculpture, including: how to create interesting shape language, the importance of detail, adding dynamism to your sculptures and how drawing can help to improve your sculpture practice.
This talk is for anyone interested in digital sculpture, whether you’re just getting started or are more experienced. A solid understanding of fundamental ideas will help elevate your sculpture practice to the next level, no matter your experience.

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