Game Dev Speed Run: Let’s Make a Game In Fifty Minutes

Game Dev Speed Run: Let’s Make a Game In Fifty Minutes

August 20, 2022 from 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm

Speaker: Mickey Treadwell

Talk Description

Mickey will guide you through how to make a game using the Unreal Engine in under an hour, and have it playable in-browser by the talk’s conclusion. The process is intended to demonstrate the incredible and diverse tools that are freely available to game developers, and where best to copy, cheat, or cut corners to get the job done. Established programmers look away: this is not a talk on best practice.

Talk Takeaways

The main takeaway from this talk is that it is more important to have a game which is bad but complete than a game which is good but doesn’t exist; perfection is the enemy of good enough. Attendees will see how to quickly achieve the minimum requirements for a “complete” game, learn some Unreal Engine techniques to make a project “pop” with minimal effort, and know what pitfalls to avoid when packaging an Unreal project for HTML5.

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