Getting a job in Games in 2022 [Panel]

Getting a job in Games in 2022 [Panel]

August 20, 2022 from 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm

Speaker: Carl Leducq, Nic Barker, Sarah Latta, Jess Woodward

Talk Description

This panel will be a discussion with panelists who have a varied breadth of experience in the industry from programming, to art, to social media management, to production. We will hear the stories of each panelist about how they acquired their first job in the industry and securing their new job since Covid has hit. You’ll hear what advice they would give to those wanting to get into the space, resources and areas that will give you the best amount of value to find opportunities, and speaking about the importance of attitude and networking compared to experience.

Talk Takeaways

As a student you will walk away from this panel learning about the stories of many different developers and hearing about how they got their first and most recent job. You will feel motivated to attend networking events, putting yourself out there, understanding the value of attitude, networking & confidence and knowing where to put your energy to give you the best shot at getting a job in the industry.

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