Interviews are basically a first date, and you should be harsh

Interviews are basically a first date, and you should be harsh

August 20, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Lauren Temos / T-Dog eXtreme

Talk Description

You sit across from each other. Your palms are sweaty. You’ve forgotten all your talking points, forgotten everything about yourself, and you can’t tell if they are looking at you with intrigue or disgust. In this moment, it feels like nothing else matters.
But tragically, there is no fine-dining in this establishment, only the cold walls of an office – likely littered with stickers of pixel art. You’re in an interview, hooray!
Whether a prospective employee or an employer, this talk aims to reframe what an interview is, and how an interviewee sits within it! Rather than being one-sided and intense, it should be collaborative and open as giving the interviewee agency is so crucial to an interview’s success. The end of every interview should absolutely be a positive one.

Talk Takeaways

Coming out of this talk, attendees will have better tools to navigate interviews,
both as interviewee and employer. These include; knowing what questions to ask, understanding if the role is actually one you should take, and being clear with yourself in areas you will need support.
Reframing what a successful interview means is key here, in addition to shifting the mindset of “winning” an interview to having a more productive conversation. A big part of the talk is the emphasis of health and ensuring you’re finding a really safe and productive work environment.

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