Jon Landau Fireside Chat with Chelsea Rapp

Jon Landau Fireside Chat with Chelsea Rapp

August 20, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Speaker: Jon Landau

Talk Description

Landau’s thorough understanding of the most complex state-of-the-art technologies and his ability to work hand-in-hand with the highest calibre of creative talent to tell the greatest stories, finds him working in New Zealand with the most talented practitioners in the world and at the forefront of creative technology in entertainment.
Landau has a handle on all aspects of the creative process, including a firm grasp on the ever-changing landscape of digital technology. With an innate ability to inspire others to push the creative boundaries of storytelling, and the imagination to invent any new tools that will achieve this success.

Talk Takeaways

With this mindset, and the new level of collaboration and agency filmmakers have during production using tools like games engine tools and virtual production is changing the game, his fireside chat with NZGDA Chairperson Chelsea Rapp will answer the questions, “what does the future of collaboration look like and how do creative technology and its processes provide ways to collaborate and tell stories that traditional filmmakers aren’t looking for? How does a producer/writer/director work to change their own perspective of a project and use technology to achieve quality outcomes?”

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