Keep It Moving: Production for Non-Producers

Keep It Moving: Production for Non-Producers

August 18, 2022 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am

Speaker: Samantha Cook

Talk Description

The goal of this talk is to address common production problems experienced by indie teams. Over 10 years in the industry, working with my team and as a consultant. I have observed common pitfalls and misunderstandings about the value of production processes. How does Scrum provide a useful structure (encouraging the team to self-organize; by providing regular, time-boxed meetings for clarity, unblocking, planning, and reviewing, separate from design & product meetings)? Why does the team need to participate in daily stand-ups (team cohesion, comprehension, making sure things are moving along, and keeping teammates unblocked)? What’s the point of a Retrospective (the “why and how”, not just the “what”, is key to integrating and improving)? Who is in charge of the Backlog? etc.

Talk Takeaways

Attendees will walk away with the basics of and the reasons for scrum in game development, why having a process and tools is useful even for small teams, and ideas for how to increase their knowledge of production. This talk is aimed at student/entry-level devs up to mid-level, particularly new teams that don’t have a producer or much formal production experience.

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