Minigames for mental health

Minigames for mental health

August 18, 2022 from 2:50 pm to 3:20 pm

Speaker: Russell Pine, Simon McCallum

Talk Description

This talk will cover s the finding of Russell Pine’s PhD on building minigames for mental health. Mental Health amoung adolences is a significant problem and It is critcal to find new ways to reach adolences. The research coved the existing use of minigames by adolences and experiments in building new games which embody Cognitve Behavioural Therapy knowledge and techniques. The talk will also discuss recent work on “hyperlocalisation” to create location specific versions of the game. The talk is presented by Russell, who is an Educational Psychologist and his supervisor Simon McCallum.

Talk Takeaways

The attendees will gain insight into the way adolescence use mobile games as part of their mental health, the challenges of making serious games particularly for mental health, and new approaches to engage with your audience. The discussion on the asset pipeline for hyperpolarization should be interesting to mobile developers as well as developers looking to create more end user engagement.

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